Our products are available as a Virtual Appliances (VA) for organisations that are under attack or need to defend and monitor their internal and external networks. VA enables instant integration with an existing network with minimal changes such as changing or re-routing server address(es) or placing the VA in-line with the server. VA come packaged with an operating systems, installed software and pre-defined settings, essentially it works right out of the box. The configuration of VA is to ensure that it can detect the internet, local lan and other connectivity on port and change its own configuration to adjust to the network instead of the network admin spending day configuring an security software. This does not mean that a network administrator cannot edit the settings, in fact the VA has a full blown setting options that enables customisation and the ability to the network admin to generate secure credentials. This further ensures that network administrators can commence monitoring or network analysis within few minutes.

  • For smaller enterprises, a network administrator can download the virtual application on a pre-existing network server.

  • For a medium to large enterprise, the network administrator would ideally need to procure a dedicated machine to monitor the internal network.

  • Post the setup, the network administrator instantly commences to monitor a ransomware or malware and stop its activity. Various advanced and proprietary modules are available for organisation to ensure that they can uncover, monitor and reverse engineer the location of the attacker.

    Cyber Incident Platform (CIP)

    CIP is targetted towards organisations that have been a victim of ransomware, cyber attack, phishing, malware attack, denial of service attack, side channel hack, WiFi interception or any other cyber incident that requires an instant fix or forensics effort. Intqlabs CIP intends to undertake several actions to assist the customer in achieving the following results: