Breaking the technology barrier for quantum computing to enable large scale deployment

Innovations in quantum computing overcome processor manufacturing bottlenecks (Moore's law) by deploying reversible gates and computing devices. Such innovations resolve heat disspation and enable millions of additional transistor arrays to be arranged in previously unknown configurations.

Reverse Computing

As limits of intrinsic energy are fast approaching, this innovation ensures that machines are not limited by memory, transistors & temperature bottlenecks thus enabling high end computations without temporal dependence.

Independent Location Scalar Platform

An innovation (patent pending) that enables GPS enumeration in stressed enviroments. The platform is independent of satellites and operates while in motion or stationary and delivers results in air, land or underwater.

Quantum Bridging Group

An internal working group intended to define and bridge various computing sciences via contemporary technical landscape applications. Cick below for more information.

- Cyber Security -

Virtual appliances that can be setup and running within minutes to protect a network or provide defensive and foresics capabilites to a network under attack.


  • Cyber Incident Platform

    Platforms designed for defending networks under attack (radio, electronic, cyber or others) within a few minutes of installation.

  • Detects and Removes Infection

    Automated procedures that scan connected devices on a network and retrieves malicious behaviour of a threat actor to disable their efforts.

  • Data Flow and Analysis

    Enables detailed meta data of streams originating from all devices within a network and enabled rule based bi-directional data flow.

  • Networking Monitoring

    End-to-End monitoring of all protocols (TCP & UDP) along with WiFi, satellite, wired, wireless, GSM and physical tampering attacks.

  • Defend Against Future Threats

    Defence against one and zero day attacks on unpatched systems and implements advanced heuristics that monitor and detect future threats.

  • Deep Network Monitoring

    Deep packet inspection for data layers (layer 1 and above) and assists in decoding, decrypting, sorting & analysis of data streams from infected devices.


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