A Spherically Designed Antenna by Intqlabs that Revolutionises Side Channel Information Gathering

A patent pending MIMO antenna that obtains data from various sources in a single temporal frame. This antenna detects direction of incoming signal, obtains signal profiling and detailed radio, magnetic and/or microwave side channel information.

Dubai, 15 January 2022: Intelligent Quantum Labs (“Intqlabs”) announced the release of its patent pending (Application 202111049994) antenna design to operate across Radio and Microwave in addition to magnetic spectrum. The antenna was originally designed to operate to receive magnetic readings from 360 degrees with a minimum theoretical separation of (at least) 1 degree. This antenna was upgraded to incorporate a real work separation of less than 0.1 degree for magnetic, radio and microwave signal processing.

Contemporary antennas are defined in broad categories of covert, patch, omni, direction and yagi however, Intqlabs has created a new group called the spherical antenna. This novel group of antennas are available in linear and non linear nomenclature and have multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) capabilities along with onboard sensor integration. Spherical antennas are able to enumerate signal data via an on-board sensor array(s) for each incoming angular signal stream. Signal details across microwave, infrared, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, satellite, location and other technologies such as noise, headers, signal source, location, strength, distance, channel and other detailed information that provides Side Channel Information (SCI) are decoded to enable a multitude of applications.

SCI enables applications such as high speed location calculation, detailed site survey, obtaining of errors within networks and calculation of distance from a connected access point or antenna(s). Additional onboard sensors enable direction, speed, elevation and tilt that assist with instant GIS, detailed mapping and other networking solutions.

Spherical antennas are available as covert, tactical and strategic implementation that can scan and obtain SCI from as far as six (06) kilometres and upto nine (09) kilometre with line of sight.

About Intqlabs:
Intqlabs is a leading research company that focuses on quantum computing, reverse computing, radio and magnetic analysis platforms, cyber security and semiconductor chip design. It has filed several patents around the world via an experienced team of researchers and scientist that work to generate, test and deliver novel platforms. Intqlabs platforms are targeted towards manufacturers to assist in establishment of seamless supply chain and facilitate product integration at various levels of an assembly line. Our portfolio is available for licensing and joint manufacturing for hardware manufacturers along with technology transfer options. Our culture is to solely focus on research, quality assurance and training of customers so that we can concentrate on our core competency while the customer can use our technology to create in-numerous applications and support systems. For more information reach out at: reception [at] intqlabs [dot] com