Indian Origin Researcher in Dubai Files Patent for Calculating GPS Location via Earths Magnetic Field

Breakthrough in the field of geo-magnetism and ‘digital signal processing’ enables noise free measurement of earths geo-magnetic strength. This measurement can be converted to an exact location on the surface of the planet.

Dubai, 16 January 2022: Intelligent Quantum Labs (“Intqlabs”) head of research, Dr. Ankur Srivastava has filed a patent (Application 202111049994) for a process that enables determination of location using the earths geo-magnetic strength.

The invention dubbed New Global Navigation Satellite System (NGNSS) consists of an advance linear configuration MIMO spherical antenna with networked onboard processors, fluxgate and other sensors. The antenna determines the direction of movement, isolates and generates power profiles for received signals, obtain angle of arrivals and generates extensive radio side channel data. The collected data enables the identification of static, screaming and other interference sources which is then processed to obtain clean geo-magnetic signal strength. The obtained signal strength is reverse fed into equations to obtain the location. To ensure error correction and high speed calculation, geo-magnetic data is pre-processed using inclination angles to obtain an imaginary line from the poles. This provides a limited sample size output of possible locations on the imaginary line. This imaginary line ensures that two or more conflicting values that carry similar geo-magnetic strength are ignored.

NGNSSs property of calculating location using geo-magnetic strength assigns independence, security and ‘service consistency’ to its nomenclature. It is independent since it does not depend on the constellation of satellites. NGNSS is secure since it is not prone to jamming, replay or injection attacks. The spherical antenna identifies malicious signal sources and ignores these signals using advanced side channel techniques. NGNSS also does not need a minimum coverage of 4 satellites to calculate location. It solely depends on a source that is always available i.e. earths geo-magnetic field and delivers ‘100% service consistency'.

NGNSS is a bi-utility device that in addition to location enumeration, has an advanced antenna that may be ported for magnetic and radio wave analysis to deliver instant site survey results. NGNSSs spherical antenna instantly decodes transmitted ‘side channel information’ which serves as a basis for multiple applications such as — distance calculation, identifying remote access point location, decoding security information and access points processor heat and noise readings.

Intqlabs is creating an embedded version from its current prototype that augments any electronic or mobile terminals location capability without satellite coverage.

About Intqlabs:
Intqlabs is a leading research company that focuses on quantum computing, reverse computing, radio and magnetic analysis platforms, cyber security and semiconductor chip design. It has filed several patents around the world via an experienced team of researchers and scientist that work to generate, test and deliver novel platforms. Intqlabs platforms are targeted towards manufacturers to assist in establishment of seamless supply chain and facilitate product integration at various levels of an assembly line. Our portfolio is available for licensing and joint manufacturing for hardware manufacturers along with technology transfer options. Our culture is to solely focus on research, quality assurance and training of customers so that we can concentrate on our core competency while the customer can use our technology to create in-numerous applications and support systems. For more information reach out at: reception [at] intqlabs [dot] com