Intqlabs a Private Research Lab in Dubai Files Patent to Obtain GPS Location from Earth Magnetic Field

Breakthrough to accurately measure earths geo-magnetic strength to enable location enumeration. Hardware is also immune to being jammed or spoofed as geo magnetism is measured via custom antenna and a connected complex networked array of sensors and processors.

Dubai, 15 January 2022: Intelligent Quantum Labs (“Intqlabs”), today announced that its latest proprietary technology of enabling location lookup by relying solely on earths geo-magnetic strength is now patent pending (Application 202111049994). Leveraging more than 2 decades of experience in developing antennas, sensors, radio analysis platforms and computing algorithms, the new technology incorporates advanced processes to calculate power profile data from magnetic readings. The power profile enables calculation of a location under water, in air or on the ground within a few seconds.

The technology dubbed New Global Navigation Satellite System (NGNSS), is developed to serve as an alternate to existing GNSS platforms such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS and IRNSS. NGNSS is novel and unique as (1) it does not depend on satellite constellation and (2) is not susceptible to being jammed, injected, replayed or spoofed.

NGNSS operates on the core principle that every point on earth surface and atmosphere has a uniquely calculable magnetic strength reading or a geo-magnetic force. This force changes as per distance from the poles, elevation, altitude, time of day, direction of sunlight, magnetosphere, earthquakes, inner core rotation, crust, declination, inclination, ionosphere, magnetosphere, gyrations that occurs in continuity such as solar storms, elevation, topography, altitude changes, spherical variations, regional anomalies, earths rotation and the magnetic strength changes due to the pole shift along with all other forms of interference via static, dynamic (screaming) and temporary sources.

NGNSS removes interference and noise from geo-magnetic readings by using a specialised array aligned Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna system connected to a complex setup that is a network of embedded processors, extremely sensitive fluxgate and other sensors. The antenna and embedded setup processes the magnetic strength reading to obtain the power profile, split the various signals in a profile, and then calculate the direction, origin and location of these sources. This enables NGNSS to identify the true strength of the earths geo-magnetic field by removing all sources of interference.

NGNSS is a secure platform unaffected by jamming, replay or injection as it monitors power profiles and simply drops the malicious data. Furthermore, NGNSS is independent of the constellation of satellites which makes it a standalone, secure and an ‘always-available’ platform that can be integrated within any electronic terminal by strategically embedding a chip and a covert designed antenna.

About Intqlabs:
Intqlabs is a leading research company that focuses on quantum computing, reverse computing, radio and magnetic analysis platforms, cyber security and semiconductor chip design. It has filed several patents around the world via an experienced team of researchers and scientist that work to generate, test and deliver novel platforms. Intqlabs platforms are targeted towards manufacturers to assist in establishment of seamless supply chain and facilitate product integration at various levels of an assembly line. Our portfolio is available for licensing and joint manufacturing for hardware manufacturers along with technology transfer options. Our culture is to solely focus on research, quality assurance and training of customers so that we can concentrate on our core competency while the customer can use our technology to create in-numerous applications and support systems. For more information reach out at: reception [at] intqlabs [dot] com